Power Product Systems

  • Overview on the theory behind solar power

  • Education on product types and their uses.

  • How to size a power system.

  • How to correctly install and connect products.

  • How to utilise the features of the product.

  • Programming of product. 

  • Back up of programs.

  • Ongoing support and training. 


Water Pump Systems

  • Educate about the different types of pumps and their uses.

  • Pump sizing and application

  • Water pumping capacities, yield, water flow.

  • Methods of installation

  • Programming and support

End User Training

  • To assist the end user in determining what product would best meet their requirements

  • Practical knowledge of the system.

  • To impart an understanding of the theory behind the system in order for the end user to wisely manage the system.

  • Provide hands on operational knowledge for confidence of handling the system.