About us

Danforth Solar operates from Cape Maclear in Malawi and is the Malawian appointed distributor of prime European products, namely Victron Energy Power Products from the Netherlands and LORENTZ Solar Pumps from Germany.  Danforth Solar offers a range of products to compliment these prime brands and to provide a complete solar solution for many applications.   
Howard Massey-Hicks, an Electrical Engineer heads up this family run business. Originally from South Africa, Howard, a Malawi citizen, has lived here for over 25 years and has a good understanding about local conditions.  He is a resourceful, hard working, multi-skilled entrepreneur with great organisational skills to get the job done, no matter what the circumstances!  
Danforth Solar offers top quality, comprehensive solar solutions, backed with sound technical knowledge. Design, supply, install. Contact us with your solar requirements.

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